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Sacred Birman

My first Sacred Birman is Butterfly! I bought her 2008 and now she is neutered and is living a free life here on the farm. Since we during some years were a center for nature rehabilitation the animals was a very important part to heal after illness and I started to breed these wonderful cats. During the years some of those buying kittens were interested in exhibition and some of the kittens are now International Champions and even more! I am very greatful to the work the owners of these cats have done.

There is a legend told about Sacred Birman cats. See below!
About the Breed Birman - Cats' Rolls Royce!
The Sacred Birman, often referred to only Birman, is a quiet, friendly and quiet even though it often "talk" a little quiet.
The most characteristic of a Sacred Birman is the four white paws. They should be smooth and the hind feet should they go up in a wedge. Birman has a himalaya cartoon body that is to say, face, ears, legs and tail should be colored in the same color. Regardless mask color as the body color should be light and in harmony with the mask color.
The body is of medium size and length. The legs are powerful and short.
Birman to give a sweet expression. The head is rounded with a straight, slightly curved nose, strong chin and small ears. Eyes, which is positioned slightly apart, clear blue and almost round.
The silky coat is medium with a little undercoat which makes Birman requires relatively little grooming.
Birman - history and origin
The Sacred Birman is a LEGENDARY race and legend has it that the country of origin Burma was or what we call Tibet.
The modern story begins sometime in the early 1900's, when it is said that a couple Birmacats shipped from Burma to France. Despite this, it is only from the early 40s that you really can trace the origin.
Birman approved in France in 1925, in England until 1966, and the United States in 1967. Evidently mixed it into some other breeds in breed in the 1940s, such as the Persians and Siamese.
We now know how the Birman has been created in the early 1900s by selective breeding of Siamese and Himalayan cat with white paws. In those among cohorts born so they were counted with white paws Birmans while those with completely brown paws were counted as Persians. Around the same time that you created the breed invented it the sweet legend to spread awareness about the breed that give it an upscale reputation that allowed very high prices. One of the first known Birmans available image is Poupée the Madalpour, a seal female cat. The whole story of how birmans genesis can be found in The Secrets of the Sacred Cat of Burma written by Alwyn Hill.
Legend of birmans emergence was told officially the first time Major Russell Gordon and follow as such:
In the Far East of the country called Burma is found in east lake located in the valley between Mont You Lughbergen.
Khmer people built during the early 1700s several temples of worship and allegiance to their gods. Here
was the temple of Lao-Tsun. In the temple there lived a white cat with yellow eyes called Sinh.
Temple Priest called Kittha Mun-Ha. His gold beard had god Song Hio self braided. Kittha Mun-Ha had always Sinh at his side when he worshiped the blue-eyed golden goddess Tsun-Kyan-Kse.
The country was invaded by the enemy that reached all the way to the holy city wall. At night gathered temple priests (Kitthas) and went to the goddess to ask herhelp and protection. The high priest named Kittha Mun-Ha was killed and when his spirit left him jumped the white cat Sinh with a leap up on the throne and on his master's head was sunk towards the goddess.
They gathered together the priests stood dumbfounded when the cat's white fur changed color to the goddess golden color. The cat's yellow eyes, as Tsun-Kyan Kses gold, and from the reflex of Mun-Ha golden beard was blue, endless and deep sapphires like the goddess's eyes. When Sinh slowly turned his head towards the south gate turned the ears, legs, tail and face paint as the fertile soil.
Just paws that touched the priest's silver hair retained its white color. The cat turned toward the temple's entrance where one could now hear the soldiers approaching. The priests who face this vision received characters from the goddess, gathered courage and fought back the invaders by closing the large bronze doors and headed down into the underground passages. Thus saved the temple.
Kitthas noted that all the temple cats had undergone the same transformation as Sinh. It was golden reflections in their snow-white fur, their paws were vitbehandskade and their topasögon had turned into sapphires.
Misfortune befall those who accelerates the end of one of these wonderful and revered cats. He will suffer the most cruel anguish until the soul as he concerned has calmed down.


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