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PEDIGREE Backkaras Butterfly


This is Backkaras Butterfly, called Mirran, and my first Sacred Birman cat. She is born 2008-12-06. She has given birth to four litter and is now a neuter. She lives a wonderful life as a free cat living in the middle of nature. She is like a little dog following us when we walk the dogs. She is very protecting to my piece of land.  


PEDIGREE Holygateway`s Camelia


This is our Holygateway`s Camelia, SBI g, a little beauty, born 12th of february, 2016. She is the daughter of Raushöjdens Lady Stardust and Holygateway`s Tchin Tchin. In march 2017 she got her first CAC!


PEDIGREE Holygateway`s Shaula


This is Shaula, daughter of Lady Stardust and Ivar, born 30th of may 2017.


PEDIGREE Holygateway`s Naima


This is our young girl Naima, daughter of Camelia and Ivar. She is SBI a, bluepoint girl, born 2018-06-16.


PEDIGREE Holygateways Lobelia


This is Holygateway`s Lobelia, born 2016-06-30, daughter of Wonderbits Freia and Golden Xorro von den Lieben Seelchen.


PEDIGREE Mortishia Akacja


Our young girl from Poland. A beauty indeed and our first golden shaded.


PEDIGREE Holygateway`s Chica


This is Holygateway`s Chica, daughter of Lobelia and Marchello Silver Bastet. She is a British longhair ns 11, born 2018-04-09


PEDIGREE Holygateway`s Aisha


This is Holygateway`s Aisha, British longhair, ns 11, daughter of Mortishia Akacja and Marchello Silver Bastet. She is born 2018-06-26.

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